Shimon Kato

加藤 士文(かとう しもん)
1975年 9月10日東京生まれ
父: 日本人 母: イタリア人
言語: 日本語, 英語, イタリア語少々

1995年 米 Cushing Academy 卒

Earth Dayやクラブイベントを中心にライブペイントを決行。
「一撃」「カンゼオン」をFlying Highよりリリース(2005)。
故 川内康範氏による日本再生音楽プロジェクト ツルージャパンに参加。バンドリーダーを務め、「やすらぎ」「川内康範 作品集」をリリース(2006)。
ガス ヴァンサント監督 処女作「Mala Noche」トリビュートコンピレーションアルバムにma-on名義で楽曲提供(Victor Japan)。
ショートショートフィルムコンテスト 出展作品「脆い」の音楽監督担当、楽曲提供、出演。
世界平和を願う映像祭典「Pangea day」出展作品「Japan sings for Turky」に出演演奏。
井上陽水氏 音楽活動40周年記念 武道館コンサート オープニング曲提供。

絵画個展 STORY | 2001,2003
絵画個展 Shimon展 | 2005,2008
絵画個展 Owls rule the Univerce | 2010
絵画個展 Dragon meets Self | 2012
絵画個展 A Dragon Rider’s The Story of The Light | 2012-2013

その他 Tシャツデザイン、CDジャケットデザイン等のデザインワーク、海外進出を視野にした絵画制作、販売、TV番組等への楽曲提供、障害者施設等での音楽活動、作詩等、活動は精力的且つ多岐にわたる。
Shimon Kato
Artist, Musician (Drums, Percussion, Shamisen etc), Poet
Born in Tokyo, Japan on 10th October 1975 to a Japanese father and Italian mother
Languages: Japanese, English, Italian Early Life and Interests
Graduated Cushing Academy (America) in 1995
Kendo (Shodan)

Shimon began practicing drums when he was five years old, after being influenced by a live drum performance he watched at the very young age of three.
During his time as a student in America, Shimon’s awareness of his own identity grew and he started learning to play the Japanese traditional instrument, Shamisen, on his own.
He returned to Japan in 1998 at which time he formed the artistic group “Kaze no Hito” and commenced performing.
Under the name “Kaze no Hito”, he produced the club event “KOONI” centred at “MILK”, a club located in Ebisu, Tokyo.
Over a period of 10 years, he continued to contribute to event performances at “MILK”.

He also carried out live painting performances at “Earth Day” and other club events.
In 2001, under the name “JPCband”, a band that had been formed under “Kaze no Hito”, he released the album, “NU” with SMR.
In 2005, ICHIGEKI, the album “KANZEON” was released by Flying High.
He participated in “True Japan”, a Japanese Music revival project by the late Kouhan Kawauchi. As the band leader, the albums “YASURAGI” and “Kawauchii Collection” were then released in 2006. He was responsible for the musical arrangement of the title song “Yasuragi” and The Moon Mask Rider theme song, “Who is the Moon Mask Rider?”, as well the composition of “Yoruna, Sawaruna, Jamasuruna” (“Do not come close, Do not touch, Do not disturb”).
In 2009, under the name “ma-On”, the album “ma-On” was released.
Further, under the name “ma-On”, he provided music composition to the director, Gus Van Sant’s first feature film “Mala Noche”’s Tribute Compilation Album

As the musical director, Shimon provided music to and performed in “Moroi”, a film screened at the Shorts Shorts Film Festival.
He also performed in “Japan sings for Turky”, a film screened at Pangea Day, a global event bringing the world together through film.
Shimon further provided the opening song for Yousui Inoue’s 40 Years Anniversary Budoukan concert.

In 2012, Shimon became involved in and appeared in music videos broadcasted by the Japanese music channel, Space Shower TV (SSTV). He also travelled to Melbourne, Australia as a member of the “Magro” band where they held two live performances.

In recent times, Shimon has begun incorporating story telling into his music and art.

Shimon has also held a number of art exhibitions displaying his artworks:
“Story” [2001,2003]
“Shimon Exhibition” [2005, 2008]
“Owls rule the Universe” [2010]
“Dragon meets Self”[2012]”A Dragon Rider’s The Story of The Light[2012-2013]”

Further, he has undertaken other design work including t-shirt and CD cover designs.

As he looks to expand his career overseas, Shimon has vigorously pursued other activities including producing music for TV shows, producing and selling artwork, as well as engaging in musical activities supporting facilities for the disabled?.